Our Mission
EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL:  PoliceAccountability.com provides a safe and secure environment for community members to report abuses by individual police officers or departments.  We work with victims to ensure they understand their rights and to assist them in securing proper legal counsel.  We partner with local attorneys to ensure they have the proper resources to address cases of police abuse. 

POLICY REFORMS:  We conduct local canvassing research in order to understand the unique challenges of the communities we are involved in.  We leverage this data to help inform policy decision making by local activists and community leaders.

COMMUNITY ADVOCACY:  We help to drive change within local communities through our support of civil litigation.  We provide legal defense funding to community activists and protesters to ensure their voice is never stifled. 
Our Purpose
PoliceAccountability.com is a civilian task force dedicated to ensuring police accountability.  The PoliceAccountability.com task force believes that holding police officers and their departments accountable for their actions is essential to protecting our communities and building trust between city governments and the communities they represent and serve, holding local governments accountable, and bringing justice to communities most impacted by police violence. PoliceAccountability.com is committed to driving further social change related to public safety alternatives as well as empowering communities to help protect themselves and their neighbors.  PoliceAccountability.com aims to engage in community conversations in order to address what we believe are systemic failures by many police departments to protect the communities in which they are bound to serve.
Our Approach to Accountability
We believe that until police are held accountable, the trust and relationship between the departments and the communities they serve will continue to erode.  We believe that since many police departments, local officials, and state and federal agencies are unwilling, or unable, to hold police accountable, the only recourse is for civilians to take accountability into their own hands.  We accomplish this through the research, investigation, exposure, and civil litigation of corruption, abuse of power, and excessive use of force.